Step 1: Fill out our online form

To get started, fill out our online search form. We’ll ask a few simple questions—like your price range, where you’re looking to move, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need.

One of our Apartment Hunters will then contact you within 24 hours. Using our up-to-date apartment database, your Apartment Hunter will email you a list of apartments tailored to meet your needs and budget. Your list will only have apartments that match what you’re looking for, and will leave out the ones that don’t. The list will have pictures, floor plans, and pricing, along with detailed information about the property.

Our database has every apartment in the Houston Metro area and contains much more information than you can find on your own through internet search engines. We also look for the latest move-in specials so that you can skip the apartments that aren’t a fit for you.

We provide all of this AND you will receive a $100 rebate when you move in. Letting us do the work saves you both time and money!

Step 2: Put your agent’s name on the guest card & lease application

Once you get your apartment list, choose the ones you like the best and go tour! Call ahead to make sure they have a unit available on the date you want to move in. Then go tour your favorites that have available units.

Before you tour an apartment, you will be asked to complete a guest card. Sometimes the leasing consultant will ask you questions and fill it out for you. There will be a line asking who referred you or, “How did you hear about us?” Make sure to list your agent’s name as your referral.

Once you find your perfect apartment and fill out a lease application, there will be another “Referred by” line, and you will need to list our agent’s name again as your referral.

Please be sure our agent’s name is listed as your referral on all documents! This is how we get paid, but more importantly, it’s why our service is free to you and how we pay your rebate!

If you don’t list us on both the guest card AND application, we cannot collect our commission for your referral and you will miss out on your rebate. Please let your agent know if you have any questions about this process.

Step 3: Get a rebate check for $100*!

We will mail your $100 rebate check for when your apartment complex pays us a commission for our work. It often take 60-90 days for them to pay us, but once they do we will send your rebate check. We will keep you informed regularly on the status of the rebate check. We can only offer a guaranteed $100 rebate per single 12+ month signed lease where you have listed us as the referral source and we earn a commission for our work. Different apartment complexes pay different Realtor Broker commission rates, but we will always pay you a $100 rebate check when you sign a 12+ month lease and we earn a commission for our work. All you have to do is wait for your cash!